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Boulevard Trees

Making a Greener Space – Application for Boulevard Trees for New Subdivisions

Caring for new Boulevard Trees

The City of Moose Jaw is fortunate to have a large number of treed boulevards. The presence of these trees greatly enhances the community landscape. The City has made a large investment in this “urban forest” and the Parks and Recreation Department work crews are responsible to insure they are properly maintained and cared for.

An annual tree pruning program has been instituted to insure that the trees are given every opportunity to grow. Crews can be seen during late fall and winter pruning trees to cull out dead and broken branches, and infected limbs. In addition to this ongoing maintenance program, assistance from the general public plays a major role in providing up to date information. Information regarding dead, damaged or diseased trees can be given to the Parks and Recreation Department at 694-4495 or by E-mail.

Homeowners who prune city owned trees are in violation of City Bylaw 4423 which states:
4423 8.”No person shall unlawfully cut, break, or bark, root up or otherwise destroy or damage the whole or any part of any tree, sapling or shrub growing in any public place within the City”

Violators of this bylaw may be punished by fines of up to $2000.00. It is also illegal to prune any elm trees during the provincial elm pruning ban, which runs from April 1st to August 31st.