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Prairie South School Division Board of Education Trustees

Prairie South Schools consist of 1,400 staff and 6,700 students, from 19 rural and urban communities, learning together across 32,747 square kilometers (12,643 sq. miles) of southern Saskatchewan. Prairie South’s name reflects the geography, a geography that illustrates just how diverse The Prairies really are and how powerful that diversity can be. As you cross the Division, you’ll find sites with tremendous historic significance, alongside pockets of innovation and exploration.  We are committed to our students, staff, stakeholders and partners. Our focus is our students and schools, and we set high expectations to deliver a quality learning experience.

The Board of Education for Prairie South School Division No. 210 is comprised of ten (10) elected members. The school division is divided into six (6) subdivisions. Five (5) board members are to be elected at large from Moose Jaw.

The Board uses a policy governance model, setting the strategic vision for the division and delegating daily operations and decision-making to administration, led by the Director. The Board has an obligation to provide educational services and operate schools. Boards involve their communities by informing, listening and considering the communities’ values when making decisions. The Education Act, 1995 – 85 and 87.

The Board holds a regular meeting once a month. In addition to regular board meetings, trustees participate in planning meetings, committee meetings and SSBA events. Trustees spend an average of six to ten hours per week on school board-related business. 

An organizational meeting is held every year where the board elects a Chair and Vice-Chair. This meeting is to be held before November 30 of each year. The board develops an annual schedule of meetings and continuous agenda prior to May 15 each year for the period August 1-July 31.

Trustees receive approximately $1,200 per month for attendance at Board meetings and performance of all duties and activities within the school division. The Chair and Vice-Chair receive approximately $1,400 and $1,300 per month respectively. Trustees also receive a stipend for out-of-division functions and travel time. 

A person is qualified to be nominated as a candidate and to hold office as a Board member if he or she is an elector of the school division on the day of the election and, at the time he or she submits nomination papers, is a Canadian citizen and has resided in the school division for at least three consecutive months and in Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the date on which the nomination paper is submitted.

For further information regarding the responsibilities of the Public School Board Trustees, please contact the Public School Board Office at 694-1200.